Tips on how to choose a perfect cheongsam

Cheongsam began popular at weddings since the early nineties, but that time red is the main color, the dress styles of cheongsam are not very rich. In nowadays, the dress patterns become rich from the color, style, texture, etc., Cheongsam become the most popular dresses for eastern brides.

The colors for cheongsam
Bright Red is suitable for mature brides, because the bright red can show the bride's steady and generous temperament. Rose Red is good for younger brides, because their skins are in very good condition at their ages, the rose red can make the bride look prettier. Crimson looks well on intellectual women. White is perfect for brides who pay much attention to the quality of life. If you want to look more luxury, you can establish a large area of ​​bright silver sequins on the dress. Yellow and orange are very bold colors, if you want to be more unique, you can choose these colors.

How to choose cheongsam according to your figure
Petite brides are usually not fit to wear cheongsam. If you are a tall and chubby woman, x-type cheongsam is good for you, this style cover your too plump buttock. For women with lively personality, the x-type cheongsams are very suitable for you, this style of cheongsam can help the bride to sit and stand more comfortable. If you think that cheongsams are only tall women's patents. You are wrong! With the development of cheongsam fashion, more kinds of cheongsams came out. If you are a petite bride, you can choose to wear a short length cheongsam.

The fabrics for cheongsam
Do not consider artificial silk and polyester fabrics, these fabrics will produce static electricity. If your wedding is held in spring and summer, you can choose silk with elegant colors, if you are going to have a autumn or winter wedding, choose brocade!
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What is your style for the party season!

With several major global holidays of a year’s approaching, the party season of a year officially kicked off. Although it is the cold winter, the city has once again been light up by the passion and inspiration. In English, the party is explained as "For pleasure". People at the party hand new friends, release stress, find and enjoy the joy that social interaction brings to us. In this happy time, dressing well is the best interpretation of self-styling charm. Whether it is assertive, or elegant, abstract or weird, you can be outstanding if you find your own style.

Grand style
You may use the strong plasticity of natural cotton clothing material to shape gorgeous festival modeling easily; it also has excellent performance in color rendering. Pure colors like red and white not only bring us pleasure feeling, but also conveys the most intense emotions in our hearts. Positive red color, pure, noble and sweet white color, elegant gold color, these colors are all colors that heighten the festive atmosphere.

Cool style
Ingenious theme party makes the difficulty and fun of participation much higher. For "party animal", it is a challenging game, it is the time to demonstrate their matching skills and private dressing taste appreciation. About the dressing style, whether the music genre, or year mark, also, or video montage, you can always build your unique style with the voguequeen dresses!

Elegant style
How to show the elegant social deportment but also highlight you distinctive personality on grand parties is not a small problem. Too grand or extravagant dress material will always make people feel too contrived, and mild elegant long evening dresses are just perfect to demonstrate low-key refinement and elegance.

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Learn to dress from the Hollywood female stars!

There are so many styles of evening dress, you must choose your evening dress according to your body shape and your characteristic. You would easily feel confused when you are facing so many colorful evening dresses! How to choose the most suitable one for you? Do you know which kind of silhouette is suit for your body shape? Which kind of fabric is good? What kind of color works well on you? How to find perfect accessories to match with your evening dress?

Why not learn from the stars? The Hollywood female stars are always the fashion leaders, they would pay much attention to their red carpet looks. We can learn to dress from their red carpet looks. Want to be as charming as the Hollywood star? Let’s learn how to dress from them first!

Which kind of evening dress is often seen on the red carpet? Of course, the answer is strapless evening dress! The clipping for a strapless dress is quite important. Many girls think that their breasts are not so ample, they can never wear strapless dress, the dress will easily drop if they wear such kind of dress. This is wrong. If the waist of the dress is tight enough, the dress will never drop. The strapless evening dress will drop easily, even though it suits you perfect when you bought it, but it will get loose as time goes on, so you’d better bring some pins with you if you do not want an accident.Discover newly launched 2014 evening dresses at http://www.voguequeen.com/evening-dresses-i5909/

"Red" is the color full of temperature and passion. If you want to be eye-catching, you may choose the flaming red, the representative of happiness. We can see so many impressed stunning red dresses on the red carpet!

The dress is important, but don’t think that it’s complete if you have chosen a right dress. The accessories are as important as the dress! If you have a favor for wild beauty, you may learn from Penelope Cruz. She often wore exaggerated and vintage jewelries. We all know that vintage fashion is quite hot in recent years. If you love vintage fashion, you may try such kind of jewelries.Find cheap vintage jewelries at langantiques.

How do you like my ideas?


Choose a fabulous evening dress for Christmas!

The Christmas is coming! You must have many parties to attend. Of course, you need a fabulous evening dress if you want to buy a gorgeous evening dress! There are so many evening dress styles. All kinds of colorful evening dresses add some festive atmosphere to the most important festival in every year. There is no doubt that the beautiful ladies are the most beautiful sceneries on the party. You want to be the most eye-catching one? Buy a fabulous evening dress for yourself at first!

The luxury evening dresses are dresses that you must buy! We do not have a lot of opportunities to wear luxury evening dresses, however they are essential clothes in your wardrobe. Those luxury, exaggerated, gorgeous and feminine style evening dresses are sure to make you the focus of attention. Vintage evening dresses are very popular in recent years, they are the true representation of aristocratic demeanor centuries ago in Europe, they concentrated the essence of European culture. High waist design, ruching, beautiful ribbons, bowknot, lace and complex patterns are very essential establishments for a luxury evening dress.

What kinds of colors are good for an evening dress? Aside from the bright colors like white, black, pink, silver and golden, you can also consider some dark colors like gray purple and brown. Cold colours can make you appear quite mature and elegant, sexy but not coquettish.

No matter how the fashion changed, evening dresses are always necessary clothes in the women’s closets. Nearly all of girls dream to wear a beautiful dress and step on the Oscar red carpet, only the evening dresses can show the most elegant and noble side of a woman!


How much would you spend on your special occasion dress

100 years ago in England, the reign of King Edward vii, that time is called the "golden age" of socializing. At that time, people are addicted to the parties, ball, evening party, race meeting and sailing competition all day long, the schedule of people at that time must be better than the so-called successful people now, of course the ostentation and extravagance are bigger.

As "The rule of King Edward vii and his group" described: "Compared with the time before, more and more money are spent on clothing, more and more food was squandered, a growing number of yacht are cruising on the surface of the water, the duration of the various activities more and more long, you can waste your time in the country for a week at a party.

The closets of men in that time can compare favourably with that of the women in nowadays, they need 16 different kinds of formal clothes. The women in that time mobile closet to the party! This kind of hemispherical box can accommodate more clothes as well as the huge size of the hat, also known as the "Noah's ark". In any a party, you can see such a spectacle: "The ladies coming from all directions, mostly carry large suitcases, with several circular hat-boxes in their arms.”

A book once pointed out that “The dress that you will wear in the social occasions worth half a year's savings, the special occasion dresses are dresses that you should not save money.” This shows the importance of the special occasion dresses. But if you are on tight budget and do not have much money to vest on the clothes, I recommend you the dresses on voguequeen. They are cheap but do not look cheap. I’m sure that the voguequeen dresses are sure to show your high fashion taste.

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Plan a romantic beach wedding for your big day!

Beach wedding is very romantic. Which place is the best the place to have a beach wedding? If you want to enjoy your personal time and do not want to be disturbed by other people. Gili Lankanfushi Maldives is the best place!

Gili Lankanfushi Maldives is the first holiday bungalow that is totally built above the shallow sea in Maldives. The 44 bungalows in this holiday village are made of natural materials like woods and textile fabrics. You can experience swimming, diving, water skiing and many other water entertainment projects here.

The Gili Island is a lovely island which is surrounded by beautiful corals and clean seawater. Step off the pier on the seaside, you will see lovely spacious villa. The villa is surrounded by beautiful and colorful marine lives. The clean and pure seawater reflects the sunshine. It’s a paradise, isn’t it?

The Island is totally isolated from the noisy cities. It's the perfect place to have a romantic beach wedding. You can enjoy your personal party in this lovely isolated party. The fresh food materials and delicious local food are sure to satisfy your stomach! The delicate environment will also engrave permanent good memories in your hearts.

The 44 water villas in this village can ensure your privacy completely since these villas can only be arrived by boats, its a paradise that is only for you. If you want to go on honeymoon, its also a perfect place to enjoy lovers' world.

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"There is no news, no shoes", the life that returns to the nature allows you to slow down completely, feel the beauty of nature.


Color, color, color!

Which kind of color do you usually go for when you choose your evening dress? Here, I listed four most popular evening dress colors, which do you prefer?

Black gives a person the sense of elegant, mysterious and noble, and shows women’s sexy nature at the same time. If more changes or adornments of bright colors are added to the styles of the evening dress, such as hollow lace on the skirt, decorative design on the fabric, a lovely cape... the dignified feeling that black gives us will be broken. Women in black dresses can still be sweet and lovely.

White represents the pure and noble temperament of a woman. No wonder that many women choose white wedding dresses on their big day. White evening dresses are so elegant and graceful. If you choose a white evening dress, flashy fabrics, ruching, lace, sequins or gem are essential elements to make you eye-catching in the evening!

Red represents passion and enthusiasm, if you are a lively girl, red is the best color for you! Woman in red evening dress is really enchanting. The bright-colored red can make whole night burning. If you want to appear soft and sweet, dresses with lovely fuffles are good choices.


If you do not like pure color and think that one color is too monotonous, choose mixed-color. Keep in mind that too many colors will easily make you look vulgar, so the embellishments on the dress should be novel and unique. Lovely ruffle, sexy lace, sparkling sequin will make you noble and fashion.